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I was suffering with Plantar Fasciitis and what ever types of generic off the shelf insoles or made to measure insoles I tried, nothing helped. Therefore I decided to do my own research and I came accross with Doctor Alzner studies and findings that led me to use his simplistic but brilliant bio-mechanical methodology that re-set my feet back into neutral position.  


The research was first started in the 1940’s by Doctor Alzner in West Germany, where he studied orthopedics and received his Masters degree. Over the next 20 years he researched and observed the bio-mechanics of the foot structure and how it relates to the body’s alignment and foot related problems, then developing his own arch support, which was known, as the Alzner.

Dr Alzner’s idea was simple and effective, his arch supports should help put the foot back into a normalised shape and position, from that of an abnormal foot. From his research he made his arch supports in the shape of a healthy foot, the idea being that rather than make a support for an abnormal/imbalanced foot, to make an arch design that encourages the unbalanced foot to reshape into the form of a healthy foot.

Many say that Dr Alzner’s design is the most advanced design of arch support available today.

 In 1962 the orthotic first came to the USA, coming into its own in the 1970’s on the west coast of the USA and with Canada following suit.

Now over four million people worldwide from the USA/Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa and Taiwan have used orthotic correctors for their foot and body’s benefit.

Who should wear Orthotic Correctors, and why?

When you have a pain or problem from the feet through to the body, 80% of our body problems are foot related, so the pain is warning you that something is wrong with your body’s alignment down to your feet. The biomechanics of injuries and disorders of the body need to be treated with the orthotic correctors to then repair and reduce the on-going problems we get in our daily lives.

Remember, perfect feet are very rare, most people can benefit from orthotic correctors to help with a healthy body again.




Stepright Orthotics is here to help with a solution to your foot problem.
Our mission is to give you a professional, personal service with sound advice, help and supply you with a top quality product that works.
We want you to be part of our success story by helping solve your painful foot problem whilst enjoying a better quality of life.
Using our vast experience and knowledge, we will work together and put you on the path to recovery.
Your health and happiness is of the up most importance to us.


Meet the staff of Stepright Orthotics. All of our staff are expertly trained on our products and offer friendly, helpful advice on any foot or foot related problem you may have.

Wayne Hannah

Wayne Hannah

Managing Director

Wayne Hannah is the founder and Managing Director of Stepright Orthotics. Wayne is also the leading product specialist for Stepright Orthotics.

Jason Barry

Jason Barry

Product Specialist

Jason is another member of the team that has worked for Stepright Orthotics for a number of years. Jason can offer you specialist product knowledge and advice on foot problems.

Robert Tough

Robert Tough

Product Specialist

Robert has worked for Stepright Orhotics for many years and in this time has gained valuable product knovledge.

Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson

Product Specialist

Kevin is another member of the team that has worked for Stepright Orthotics for a number of years. Kevin can offer you specialist product knowledge and advice on foot problems.


Below are some frequently asked questions about our products and service.
If you have any questions, please call or email us and we will be only to happy to help.

1. What is the process of buying an orthotic?

A: We will have a discussion with yourself to evaluate your problem and needs.
Then we will ‘capture’ an image of your feet with an impression which will confirm the type if any of the problem that exists. We then produce a pair of orthotic insoles based on this information. These are then sent by post to you.

2. How long will it take to receive my new insoles?

A: It would usually take about 10-14 days from the results of your foot impression.

3. Could I share my insoles with other members of my family?

A: No. The insoles are processed to meet your own specific foot problem.
They could have an adverse effect if worn by someone else, possibly causing problems. We strongly advise and recommend not to let other people use them.